CHICAGO (CBS) — As COVID-19 cases surge and facing a city requirement to ask customers for vaccination status, the owner of Tacotlan in the Hermosa neighborhood, is now only offering carryout service.

“We don’t honestly have the time or the bandwith to be asking you for these cards,” co-owner Jessica Perjes said in an Instagram post.

The restaurant, 4312 W Fullerton, eliminated in-dining service at the beginning of the pandemic as well, Perjes said.

“I know we will get through it,” she said.

Chicago restaurants, bars, gyms, entertainment venues that serve food or drinks will have to begin checking customers’ vaccination status, starting Jan. 3.  Restaurants in Cook County will have to do the same. 

Aside from the vaccination policy, some restaurants have been temporarily closing due to the spike on COVID infections.

One suburb, Orland Park, is vowing to not enforce the vaccination proof policy.

Other restaurants are asking for more time to enforce the requirement and there are growing questions about how the new policy will be enforced. 

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