A past Riot Fest in Douglas Park. A proposed city of Chicago coronavirus vaccination pass might help people get preferred seating at some events this summer. | Ashlee Rezin Garcia / Sun-Times file

If you aren’t responsible enough to get a vaccine, then this is the cost of that irresponsibility,’ was one school of thought. Another: This is ‘about obedience.’

With city officials working on a coronavirus vaccine passport that could grant entry to certain limited-admission concerts and other events or provide preferred seating to people who’ve been vaccinated we asked readers how they feel about the Vax Pass plans. Some answers have been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

“I would love to participate in big concerts with a crowd of people and be comfortable knowing they were all vaccinated like me.” — Carole Delahunty

“Just let people live their lives finally! I am vaccinated but would gladly go to a concert where others aren’t. If you’re worried— don’t go, or be smart.” — Makenzie Reigh Thompson

Seems like a reasonable way to get people back to doing what they enjoy safely.” — Phil Nicodemus

“Government overreach personal medical decisions are just that personal.” — Vicki DeFord

“I don’t hear anyone coming up with better options. I say go for it.” — Tony Galati

“I think the city is making a wise decision. We are adults and have the ability to make decisions and the brain to understand the consequences of our decisions. If you chose not to get a vaccine, great, but there are consequences.” — Melissa Voss Edwards

“So now we are being forced to take a vaccine in order to enjoy our city? This will backfire!” — Sata Triplett

Love it. If you’re not healthy enough to get vaccinated, you probably shouldn’t be in the pit with 100s of other people anyway. If you don’t want to come to shows or clubs because they require vaccination, just means I don’t have to deal with your anti-vaxxer self. It’s a win-win for me.” — Karla Stöbs

If you aren’t responsible enough to get a vaccine, then this is the cost of that irresponsibility.” — Scott Canedy

Hahaha. Have at it. Plenty of places to see and do with people who can think for themselves. This is much more than just a vaccine. It’s about obedience.” — Kristin Lynn

“Vaccinated people deserve to be able to do things again. If you don’t want to be vaccinated, it’s your choice. But people deserve to know who is least likely to be harboring the disease. It’s good public health.” — Heather Burkhalter

“Great idea! If people choose not to do something for the common good, then the onus is on them.” — Al Kabelis

“Another idea in which the city will lose revenue! Folks aren’t gonna be forced to get a vaccine they don’t want. They will see the concerts in a neighboring state!” — Lydia Mojzis O’Grady

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