CHICAGO — Kate Reavey, owner of Chicago Vintage Weddings, has opened Capucine, a new sustainable, charitable store in Chicago. 

Capucine features vintage tabletop goods, home decor, furniture, gifts and unique items by local and like-minded makers. Capucine was born from simple goals: to promote sustainable design, to serve the community, to draw attention to local women and minority-owned businesses and to provide employment opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Reavey sources vintage and antique pieces throughout the Midwest. She partners with other vendors by carefully choosing brands that share her values: sustainability, fair labor practices, ethical sourcing, and income generation for underrepresented communities and populations.

“I’ve been slowly expanding what we carry when I find like-minded, responsible vendors that I’d like to carry. For example, I stumbled across Pala eyewear and now we are their only stockist in the Midwest,” Reavey said.  “When I’m choosing pieces, I try to think of what I would want in my own home or what I would want to give to my loved ones. I’m an interior design addict … I love anything with botanical, ruffly, and a bit over-the-top elements. At the same time, I love to keep our inventory balanced with lots of minimalist pieces.” 

 Sustainability is a fundamental tenet to the Capucine brand. All of the packaging, except the ribbon used, is made from recycled and recyclable or compostable materials. Conscious use of electricity and gas is top of mind, and LED lighting was incorporated into the store design. Many of the beauty and candle products stocked are vegan and cruelty-free. 

 “We source from local women-owned businesses and carry exclusive products from many of them as well as other ethical companies around the world,” Reavey said. “One of my goals in opening the store was to support my colleagues in the event industry, and I have been doing that by employing them in the store, having them help with designing and fabricating pieces for the store before we opened, and stocking things like their stationery sets.”

1804 N Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

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