(The Hill) – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) announced on Monday that the chamber will vote later this week on proposed legislation to disclose super PAC donors. 

“Today, I am announcing the Senate will vote this week to take up a measure critical to fighting the cancer of dark money in our elections: the DISCLOSE Act,” Schumer said in a statement, also thanking the legislation’s sponsor, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), for his efforts. 

“I’ve long promised to bring this bill to the floor, and I want to thank all my colleagues, in particular Senator Whitehouse. He has done an amazing job documenting and pressing forward on trying to eliminate the evil scourge of dark money,” Schumer said. “He has been an amazing leader in championing this legislation.”

“When was the last time any of us heard voters say it’s better for billionaires and special interests to buy elections in secret, rather than be held accountable to the public?,” Schumer added. “Of course, they don’t think that! Unless they themselves are the ones cutting the multi-million dollar checks.” 

The Disclose Act, introduced by Whitehouse earlier in April, will require super PACs and other dark money groups to report those who contribute $10,000 or more during and election season.

Schumer noted that the legislation’s purpose is to make sure Americans know who is trying to influence elections, mentioning how a previous Supreme Court ruling lead to this motive. 

“Their ruling has paved the way for billions in unlimited campaign contributions by Super PACs and other dark money groups over the last decade,” Schumer said. “Ordinary citizens, meanwhile, have had their voices drowned out by elites who have millions to spare for political donations.”

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