CHICAGO (CBS) — Jimmy Graham finally scored a touchdown for the first time all season with the Bears in their win against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

That touchdown was also the only Bears TD of the game.

Graham is no stranger to the end zone, as that was his 83rd career NFL score. He turned 35 last week, and this is his 12th year in the league.

So how much longer does Graham think he can play for that all-too-elusive Super Bowl championship?

“For me, you know, I’ve been chasing the right for a long time – and actively chasing it – from many decisions that I’ve made that were well less about money and more about the ring. I’ve been on some great times, and I’ve made runs – so for me, I don’t know if I’ll ever be satisfied with it if I’m not carrying some type of hardware after all the work,” Graham said. “I don’t know. I’m sure my body will let me know, and I’m sure the league will let me know, because nobody would want me on their team.”

There are only 22 players with more receiving touchdowns with Graham in NFL history. Right now, he is tied with Brandon Marshall on that list.

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