CHICAGO – The good deed of one South Side barber has generated a buzz among city residents.

On any given day, in the area of 63rd near Halsted in the city’s Englewood neighborhood, locals may find David McDonald, a barber chair and clippers. The barber welcomes any in need of a haircut and spiritual guidance to sit in his chair for free.

McDonald told WGN that he left a successful barbershop in West Palm Beach, Florida because God called him to Chicago to help the community.

“That is my heart,” McDonald said. “My heart is to help where other people may not want to venture into. That’s where I want to venture into.”

McDonald posts his barbershop sessions on Facebook Live, offering guidance and encouraging words while cutting hair.

“He’s a good man,” said Englewood resident Joe Hobson. “He has a conversation with you. He’s a good person.”

McDonald says he eventually plans to bring on other barbers and start his ministry in other cities.

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