COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Some say you should keep it light on April Fool’s Day.

“If you would talk in therapy about it, probably not a good idea to do it as a prank,” Columbus counselor Luke Hampel said.

Leading up to April 1, reminders on social media have popped up to be on the lookout for fake announcements from brands as well as fake announcements that many find hurtful or triggering of painful memories or current traumas.

Those can include:

  • Fake breakups or divorce announcements
  • Fake death announcements
  • Illness scares
  • Saying you are pregnant or have miscarried when you have not

“These things trigger a traumatic response,” Hampel said. “When we trigger a fear response, that’s when it’s not so much fun. We want our pranks to be lighthearted, funny, and keep us in that playful state rather than a state that’s fearful.”

If you’re looking for some April Fool’s Day ideas that are harmless fun, here’s a list.

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