CHICAGO – A return to normalcy means finding forever homes for dogs of an animal shelter in Logan Square.

At “One Tail At a Time,” Jennifer Rogers serves as a guide in finding permanent homes for dogs. This weekend was the shelter’s first to open to the public after more than a year, ensuring some face-to-face interactions.

“During the pandemic, we had to readjust our business model like everyone else did and unfortunately, that meant closing down our adoption center,” Rogers said.

While the number of foster homes and adoptions went up during the pandemic, most, if not all, of the adoptions were done online. Not an ideal situation when it comes to meeting for the first time, says Rogers.

“My first shift back here, I feel the energy of the center and the energy of being around all the dogs that you just don’t get in a virtual process,” she said.

Millie is one of the first in more than a year to show her stuff to a potential new family in a socially distanced meeting outdoors. 

“Just being able to see them, to pet them, to watch people come in and interact with them, that’s part of the reason we all do what we do and we love what we do,” Rogers said.

For Millie, the first in-person date, went well. On Sunday, she went home with her forever family.

As rescues begin to open back up to in-person meetings, the hope is that other animals still looking will have a better chance to go home as well. 

“Chicago is a great rescue community,” she said. “I’m so proud to be a part of it. I hope that adoptions keep up. We’re heading into kitten season so hopefully, we see a lot of cat adopters come out.”

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