Holiday Beer School: The Globe Pub

Holiday Beer School
Saturday, December 11
The Globe Pub, 1934 W Irving Park

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The three Rs are great, but this holiday season, brush up on the something you’ll actually use in life: beer. Saturday, December 11, the Globe Pub will be holding its Holiday Beer school. Study a whopping 27 types of brews with the 12 Beers of Christmas, 8 Beers of Hanukkah and 7 Beers of Kwanzaa.

Each student will receive 3 ounce samples of the respective subject as well as a lesson on each beer from Ed Kane of the Louis Glunz beer company. Assorted cheese and crackers will be provided for pupils as well. This school is so fun, you may actually hope for homework.

Tickets are $50 per person. Spots are limited so enroll now! It is your future, after all.

To sign up:

Call 773-871-3757
Cash or a credit card payment will be needed at the time of sign up.

Want to know more? Check out the website here

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