Sketch Comedy Group *Creepy Hug Presents Fifth Original “Year in Revue” at The Second City

Volcanoes! Oil Spills! Earthquakes!  Floods! Tea Parties! The Jersey Shore!  Disaster certainly struck in 2010.  What does it all mean?  What should we do?  If only someone would intervene and let us know just what needs doing, like Moses did! 

Continuing a Skybox tradition, now in its fifth year, *Creepy Hug presents its eleventh original sketch comedy revue, The 2010 Commandments: The Year in Revue.  The comedy team that formed in 2003 will help usher in new commandments as we usher out this past year.  But don’t worry, those first ten that Moses originally brought down still apply, so you only have 2,000 new commandments to remember!  Also, they should be downloadable to your iPad, or other PC tablet, as long as Moses can get decent reception on Mt. Sinai. 

The 2010 Commandments appears for a limited, four week run in Donny’s Skybox Theatre at The Second City in Piper’s Alley on Fridays at 9pm from November 26 to December 17, 2010.  Tickets are $13 for general admission, $10 for students with ID and $6 for Second City students.

For ticket information call Donny’s Skybox Theatre at 312-337-3992 or log onto .  Donny’s Skybox is located at Piper’s Alley on the 4th Floor at 1608 North Wells in Chicago.

The 2010 Commandments will star:  Neil Arsenety, Mallory Eyhorn, Ryan McDermott, Heather Muth, Matt Noonan and Michael Tatar.  Written and directed by: Dan Facchini, David Facchini, Matt Noonan and Greg Wendling.  Produced by: *Creepy Hug sketch comedy group.

Please visit for more information about this and other *Creepy Hug sketch comedy group productions.

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