New Site Feature: Featured Venues. The 1st Winner Is… Wow Bao!

You may have already noticed the new section on the right side of the screen titled “Featured Restaurant”.  This is a new feature that we are starting in order to bring attention to area businesses for going above and beyond.  It won’t always be a restaurant either, it can be any type of business from the coffee shop down the street to the CTA (We’ll see if that ever happens).

For the very first featured venue I have selected the restaurant Wow Bao.  Wow Bao is a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant that I heard about through Twitter only a few months ago.  What makes them so special that they are featured prominently on our website?  Well, for starters, the food there is fantastic.  Everything from a simple rice bowl topped with teriyaki chicken, mongolian beef or any of the other varied toppings, the homemade ginger ale (I HIGHLY recommend the green tea ginger ale) and we can’t forget about the Baos.  What’s a Bao you ask?  The answer you’re likely to get from other Wow Bao fanatics is, “they’re hot Asian buns”.  As fun as that is to say, it doesn’t really help out a newbie.    To clarify, they are served hot, they are doughy buns and they are filled with a vast array of ingredients.  My favorites are the teriyaki, bbq and the recently discontinued banana baos (they were a limited feature to coincide with the Cirque du Soleil Banana Shpeel production).  They are so good.  So so good.

Okay, so you’re probably still wondering why they stand out above the rest.  I mean, Chicago is known to have wonderful food, so why are they different?  The answer is simple.  They love to interact with their customers and they’re good great at it!  There are so many companies on Twitter that just send out messages periodically that have a link to their website telling you to visit, and that’s about it.  Frankly, if I’m following your company, it’s probably safe to assume that I know your web address and if I wanted to, I would visit it.   @BaoMouth, the voice of Wow Bao on Twitter, has won over just about everyone I know.  Is it his/her charm? Possibly.  Good looks?  Maybe, I mean, this little red guy is pretty cute .  Free stuff? Yea, they give a LOT of stuff away to loyal fans.  Or maybe it’s just their honesty.  Whatever it is, it works (I hope that others will testify to this in the comments) and has turned me into a fan almost overnight.

Not on Twitter? Don’t worry! They’re on Facebook at  Tons of interaction there too.  Pictures, witty banter and more free stuff!  Every Wednesday a secret word is posted to the account and if you walk into any of the locations and say that word, you get a free bao!

There’s also an iPhone app, bike delivery, prizes for people that are the mayor of a location on foursquare.  None of these avenues lie dormant.  No matter what what you prefer, if you have a question, you will have an answer almost instantly.  If you’re a fan and visit frequently, you will be rewarded.

Wow Bao is the perfect example of social media interaction and promotion done right.  I became a fan a few months ago and I don’t see that changing.  Thank you Wow Bao, BaoMouth and Lettuce Entertain You.  Please keep up the great work!

Wow Bao currently has 3 locations.  Please give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

175 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago – (312) 334-6395
835 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago – (312) 642-5888
1 West Wacker Drive, Chicago – (312) 658-0305


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