Soup and Bread Nights: Hideout (Wednesdays, 5:30-8pm until 3/ 31)

It’s hard finding the motivation to bundle up and get to the bar during these brutal winter months.  But what if the promise of delicious soup waited for you at the bar?  You can’t avoid socialization for another four months, so here’s a pleasant alternative. The Hideout brings a variety of delicious soups to bar-goers ever Wednesday, prepared by staff, regulars, and local chefs, allowing patrons to pair the relaxing comfort of a cup of soup on the couch, with the excitement of actually LEAVING your house.  So lace up your snow boots and layer your mittens, and enjoy a drink and some soup with friends! Donations at soup and bread nights are accepted to benefit a different charity each week.


1354 West Wabansia Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642-1519
(773) 227-4433
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