Chicago Ice Skating Season Is Here and There Are Alternatives To Millenium Park

It seems like everyone has been talking about ice skating lately.  All the chatter actually prompted me to go out and get my own pair!  Sadly, they have been sitting in the closet, unused, for over a week now.  That’s all about to change though!  It’s beginning to look like I will be skating on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. I just read over at that there is free hot chocolate and lunch to the 1st 200 people that show up on Saturday at noon.  SCORE!  Read all about it here:

I also polled our fellow twitter followers to see what some alternatives to the Millenium Park rink are.  From my understanding, it can get really busy.  Some replies were:

@christhefisch try daley bicentennial plaza: same amazing view, smaller rink, fewer people and cheaper rental ($6)!

@MasKeo13 there will be a ri k next to Wrigley field..opens soon i think…

@kimalpert go to the u of c rink. lovely + empty… unless you are going for a hookup.

All very promising alternatives.  The University of Chicago rink sounds great… not busy and they have a huge warming house! Click here for more info. Daley Bicentennial is close to Millenium Park, yet doesn’t draw the crowd.  Sounds pleasant to me! And then there’s the proposed rink by Wrigley Field…. We’ll have to see how that works out.  My guess is, it will always be packed.

The Chicago Park District lists 9 area rinks on their site: Chicago Park District Rinks

**Update** We just noticed that the Chicago Botanic Garden has a skating rink! Visit their website for details:

Where have you gone?  Do you have a favorite?  We’d love your perspective!

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