No Shave November Is Here! How Long Can You Go Without Shaving?

1172560_78516811No Shave November is here, finally!  Some say it’s an annual celebration of Manhood while others say that women can equally participate.  I don’t think there are any clear cut rules besides the obvious, don’t shave.

I’m not quite sure when it started, or why really.  It’s just one of the many fun internet holidays that gained popularity through internet forums and word of mouth, much like Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sept. 19).  I made it 2 weeks last year and hope to make it the whole month this year.  A quick google search provided a plethora of links and videos of people celebrating this annual tradition.  So I’m curious, have any of you participated before?  Have you even heard of it? I say, give it a try!  You have nothing to lose but will at least gain a few more minutes of time in the morning by dropping your shaving routine!

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